day 2 . wed . 16.12​

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TranceFigure – the title given to the 20th Musrara Mix festival, which denotes a profound and mental positive change of external and inner forms – seems more relevant than ever, particularly when examined through the lens of the shaman. In many instances, the shaman is the healer-patient, whose consciousness is expanded through the healing process. In a time of global pandemic that touches on every aspect of our lives, the shamanistic act allows us to examine the new forming relationships between spirituality and art, and the constant changes that take place within us and in the world around us.

We decided to insist on the dimension of physical presence and invited artist to create an artwork that addresses the original theme, in the spirit of the present time and place.

This year, the festival will take place in a special digital edition over three days. The multidisciplinary program brings together the art and performance program curated by Vera Korman and the electro-acoustic program Musrara Sonics, curated by Eran Sachs. The festival also invited Noam Enbar to curate a special program surrounding the festival’s main theme, inspired by healing and magic traditions. In addition to the central program, the festival will also hold an international student film competition and host two online panels. The artworks will open for viewing every day at a scheduled time and will remain available for streaming for the festival’s 3 days.