MusraraMix Program

The full program will be launched in the beginnig of May.

The International Musrara Mix Festival returns this 19th year to the Musrara neighborhood in Jerusalem,
With a multi-disciplinary program of dozens of artists and musicians from Israel and around the world.
The festival is held annually with the initiative and production of Musrara – the Multidisciplinary School of Art and Society.
This year we will address the topic of displacement in terms of mobility and migration through a variety of discourse and research fields.
Expropriation and de-territorialization, disassembly and reconstruction – concepts and patterns of thought that play a central role in artistic discourse, the media, the sciences, philosophy, and psychoanalysis.
The festival invites visitors to walk through the exhibition spaces and in the courtyards and paths of the Musrara neighborhood, with the aim of creating new possibilities for addressing and discussing the meanings of these concepts.