Urban vegetation and wild thorns

Morel Derfler Gallery

In the annual exhibition in memory of artist Morel Derfler (1956–2001), the participating artists correspond with works from his series of photographs Urban Vegetation created almost four decades ago—responding to his attempt to create “forced nature” from rootless branches he photographed on the roof of his house. They observe the outside from their domestic interiors, examining the power relations and reciprocities between man and the surrounding nature in various ways. At times, nature infiltrates and invades the work; at others, it is the work of art that spawns it.

Curator: Almog Gez

Artists: Boaz Aharonovitch, Davi Barell, Neta Cones, Yuval Naor, Yali Reichert, Gustavo Sagorsky, Yaron Rosner, Maya Zehavi

Image: Boaz Aharonovitch