The New Media Department

Virtual Reality

The New Media Department

Amos Peled / Inner Vortexes In the piece, the players choose the path of the synopsis. You can create your own individual experience, but on the other hand, the path is already written for you in a random way.

Avishag Hakimi / Dead End An interactive experience of driving along Israel’s roads.

Tanya Shraifel / Shapes and Colors A journey through the shapes and colors of Wassily Kandinsky.

Tom Maor  / What was was was  / Sometime I get stuck, my mind goes blank, I lose my mind and feel that this is it, I’ve lost the ability to create. Every little thing scares me, every little thing can give me anxiety. Gradually, I surrender to the darkness, looking into its eyes, floating. The darkness turns into light, creativity explodes, and everything that looked big and scary becomes funny and small.

Coral Yefet  / Your Forest The work focuses on environmental pollution, the destruction of nature, and what the future holds for us.

Instructor: Tal Haring