Natural Glitch

The New Gallery

The exhibition “Natural Glitch” addresses the desire to document and preserve the outside world, which we call “nature,” and the failure to realize that passion. The participating artists propose different ways to frame outdoor nature and introduce it indoors, but their attempt to fixate the external world encounters countless obstacles, and the resulting images are all distorted, whether blinded by the light of the photographic flash, gnawed upon by fungi, turned upside down, or broken. The exhibition examines the attempt to represent nature through the very failure of the act of representation. At no pointed are viewers lured by the illusion which programs such as Planet Earth attempt to create, since the works present things as they are.

Curator: Michal BarOr

Artists: Dana Levy, Maya Perry, Avishai Platek, Hadas Satt, Miri Segal
Image: Avishai Platek