Unwilful Movement – Jerusalem Print Workshop

Jerusalem Print Workshop - 38 Shivtei Israel St.

The exhibition “Unwilful Movement,” which takes place at the Jerusalem Print Workshop as part of Musrara Mix 2019, confronts political, behavioral, and cultural patterns and their forced disruption that undercuts not only the present but also past and future. Pattern and disruption are at the basis of printmaking, which relies on matrix and its duplication but also calls for variations, surprise, and undermining. The exhibition consists of print works, video, photography and sculpture that unfold states of change and disruptions that are forced upon ways of life, on points of view and on visual forms, and their human, conceptual, and aesthetic outcomes.

Curator: Irena Gordon

Raida Adon, Moshe Gershuni, Rami Maymon, Michal Na’aman, Menashe, Kadishman, Dafna Kaffeman, Abraham Kritzman, Tamar Shippony