Meirav Davish Ben Moshe

“To erase the past of those who have a past” – world play

Writing performance


- 19:30-23:00


- 19:30-23:00


- 19:30-23:00

A one-act play, which goes on to this day.
Ostensibly: a matter-of-fact discussion of urgent social problems. In fact: a dialogue of the deaf between two groups, one of which operates from a sense of domination and the other is driven by the power of those who have nothing to lose. The discourse and language are constructed from contrasts that become more and more evident. It is a fragile structure composed of layers of questions, appeals, and answers and it all rests on two hands in a delicate balance that reflects innate power relations and channels of misunderstanding between the different parties, even today.

The play: The stenographic protocols of the Prime Minister’s meeting with the “Black Panthers” Jerusalem, April 13, 1971