Tiny Fingers , Shye Ben Tzur

Tiny Fingers featuring Shye Ben Tzur

Mishmarot St. , Janet Garden


- 22:00

Tiny Fingers, one of the top groups in local alternative of the last decade, have redefined the place of instrumental music in the local scene. They arrive at Musrara Mix with a joint performance with Shye Ben Tzur, who has recently released a well-received album with Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead), with whom he toured around the world over the past couple of years. The unexpected collaboration between Tiny Fingers and Shye Ben Tzur is a compelling and multi-layered musical journey, creating a new and exciting world.

The acclaimed group has recently released a fascinating audio-visual work, in which they perform their latest album, “The Fall,” on the spectacular shores of the Dead Sea at sunrise. The collaboration with Shye Ben Tzur, who in recent years has been traveling between Israel and India, uncovers a new dimension in their uncompromising work. In the joint show they combine new arrangements alongside new music.