The Photographty Department

Three by Three

Sport Field, Daniel St.

Three giant screens project the products of real and virtual dialogue between students from Prague and Jerusalem. The students hosted each other in their city, at their school, and in their home, and out of these relations they divided into threes. Each group of students (from both schools) prepared a special piece for the projections through an ongoing dialogue surrounding the theme of the festival – disconnect, displacement, and separation, which among other things are all intrinsic to the photographic act itself. These works took into account the fraught and public location of Musrara neighborhood.

The work was created in collaboration by the first- and second-year students in Musrara photography department in Israel and first year students in the photography department of FAMU School in Prague.

Project accompaniment and production: Michal Bar Or, Ayelet Hashahar Cohen, Václav Janoščík, Štěpánka ŠIMLOVÁ

With the support of the the Czech Republic Embassy