The Unternationale


- 22:30

The Unternationale, the union of sub-humans, is a subversive project of Psoy Korolenko, Daniel Kahn and Oy Division, celebrating the discord, multilingualism, and irresponsibility that characterized the political and poetic thinking of East European Jews in the first half of the 20th century. Right-wing, left-wing, radical and catchy songs, in Yiddish, Hebrew, and Russian that will reignite your desire for a revolution of some kind, and remind you just how dangerous it is.
Oy Division is every parent’s nightmare – we sent the kids to the music conservatory and look what happened!
Especially in hard times, the Jewish people knew how to fake joy that protected it through the generations and through the pitfalls of history. The klezmers, by far the lowest class of musicians in Europe, provided the soundtrack. And that’s probably why one day, without a really good excuse – and without a logical reason – 12 years ago Oy Division was formed.

Assaf Talmudi – Accordion
Eyal Talmudi – Clarinet
Avichay Tuchman – Bass
Noam Enbar – Vocals and Accordion
Aleksander Fisz – Vocals, Harp and Flutes

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