Roy Menachem Markovich

The Screamers

Historical Building, 9 Ha’ayin Chet St.

The work looks at the concept of hysteria in the local context. A group of people screaming anxiously, their mouths open, their eyes sunken and frightened, their hands grabbing their heads as if trying to shield themselves against something terrible. Combining a three-channel video and a diminutive sculptural arrangement, the piece strives to  create an acapella chorus of anxiety and fear, expressing local existential hysteria. Like A portrait of the inhabitants of the land who are living in constant terror. The work focuses on representation of fear and deconstructs it into dramatic movement elements. This unfolds before  the viewer a web of fearful “poses”, a comic “Vogue” compilation where performers “model” the  daily sense of emergency. The sculptures scattered between the screens also echo a similar feeling. In their diminutive scale, they give out a sense of shrinking and hiding, a weakened  position. What could have been monumental and extroverted has been reduced into an office  paperweight.