The Musrara analog laboratory in collaboration with Idit Mintzer

Tribute to Gordon Mumma

Karnaf Hall, Canada House, 22 shivtei Israel St.


- 21:00

Gordon Mumma’s encounter with John Cage in the early 1960s was a turning point in the history of  experimental and electronic music. Thanks to Mumma, Cage was able to implement in circuitry his ideas regarding indeterminacy and openness in music. Mumma’s bestknown piece is Hornpipe, written for  French horn and an array of unpredictable electronic systems. The students will be presenting a tribute to Mumma’s work, using a set of modular analogue systems and self-made electronic circuits, as part of a work they composed for Israeli brass sorceress Idit Mintzer.

Participants: Bar Eran, Itamar Cohen, Aya Gavriel, Omri De-Picciotto, Omer Goldberg, Ron Sheskin and Amit Dagim.