The Department of Sonoric Art

Sound Installations

The Shelter, The communal Garden, entrance from Natan Hanavi St.

The sound installations presented in the shelter’s underground spaces were created as part of the “Department of Sonoric Art” project, founded in the New Music Department of Musrara — The Naggar Multidisciplinary School of Art and Society. In the project, alumni and faculty members work together as a research group aimed at expanding the discourse and body of knowledge of sound art Israel.

The Department Members are Eran Sachs, Lior Pinsky, Amir Meir, Yoni Niv, Noga Segev, Amir Bolzman, Gideon Levy

A Long Tape Cassette Loop #1  / Lior Pinsky & Coco Deri

Clippings of cassettes taped by Coco Deri in the 1980s are connected to form one loop that crosses the space. Various mechanisms collect the data from the loop and play the fragments of memories in a piece that conceals just as much as it reveals.

Icosahedron for One / Eran Sachs & Gideon Levy

A composition performed using ambisonics technology – a method for dispersing directionality of sound in three dimensions, is played towards an imaginary point at the center of a polygonal cage. At any given moment, only one listener can put his head in the center of the cage and listen to the work.