Omer and Amitay Cohen

A Dream in Tokyo

Video art, 06:12 min. 2019, Israel

A Dream in Tokyo was inspired by our trip to Japan. The power and madness of Tokyo fascinated and frightened us. Growing up in Jerusalem, we never experienced city intensiveness of this sort. The work sets out to explore the relationship between the individual and the city through the human consciousness. The piece explores the interactions between the images of the awakening city, its topography, and the inanimate elements that come alive. All these reflected through the individual’s consciousness, which appears to emanate from him. The structure of the work also seems to try and capture a timeless condition, transcending day and night in order to reflect a more general state or stream of consciousness. Walking between the worlds – the familiar city and the one that moves on a different plane of consciousness – we embark on a journey with the man who wishes to transcend his boundaries.