Institute for the Study of Freedom

Pink Noise

Online radio and space activities

The Cultural Brigades of the Institute for the Study of Freedom carry out a joint exploration of the conditions required for freedom to be realized as a universally available resource.
Pink Noise is set up especially for the festival and broadcasts life, both inside the building we are in and outside to the internet, to distant ears and beating hearts.
The curious audience that came to the center is invited to take part in open discussion circles, browse through the findings collected in the institute’s liberated library, freely find the meeting place, the moment to rest, listen, perform, create, share and act.
This is an invitation to take responsibility for your freedom!

Institute for the Study of Freedom members: Yael Plat, Asaf schouten, Yaara Yaniv, Ree Levin, Denis Mashkevich, Daniel Nivron, Yuval Guttman, Or Rimer, Tomer Fruchter, Hagai Eizenberg, Merhav Yeshoron, Suliman Husaisey, Hillel Ansky, Roy Cohen, Shani Granot, Bashir Mualem, Michal Chevion

In light of the festival’s choice to address this year’s protest and winds of change coming from the people? – the institute is opening a broadcast station at the heart of the festival.
“Pink Noise” radio station will host panels dealing with protest from different aspects with space for audience sharing and content from the institute’s freedom library.

The broadcast will be recorded and broadcast both from live streaming at the festival’s lobby and on the institute’s radio.
Simultaneously with the broadcasts, two activities will be held in the festival space, “Confessions – Emotional Release Ceremony” and “Declaration of Life” – an invitation to write a personal document recognizing self-sovereignty over our lives, and a bulletin board with a special invitation to share thoughts, requests, hopes and questions about protest, freedom and what lies between them.