Dana Lev Levnat

Permanent Vacation

Musrara Campus, 22 Shivtei Israel St.

The “Permanent Vacation“ project started in 2013, when I left Israel and embarked on a journey around the world. The project is based on one unwritten rule I set for myself: every two hours I have to post an image on social media, and this image has to document a moment from the previous twenty-four hours. The project comprises countless images of diverse subjects I have photographed, and the photos that were not posted on social media went into the accumulating archive. The many views reflected in the works create the impression that I photograph like I see; the camera attests to what was reflected through my eyes in every village, city, or road I passed on my way. But the sheer volume of photographs poses a paradox – there are so many, it seems impossible to see all of them, to know all of them. This pardox is underscored in the project’s title – “permanent vacation” – a seemingly impossible feat in today’s economic reality.