Nitzan James


Musrara Campus, 22 Shivtei Israel St.

The work deals with my trauma from the world of classical music. Clarinet, the instrument I played since I was a child to adulthood, marks a great trauma in my life: failed performances, even more unsuccessful auditions, inability to concentrate in front of an audience, playing in an orchestra that is the mother of all traumas. The video will feature characters who accompanied me throughout my musical life: a composer, artist and lecturer at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance; a classical pianist who completed his master’s degree in Mannes College of Music in New York, a year ago; a modern dancer who went to high school with me; and other characters through which I will explore the subject. I will also participate in the video, and through my interaction with the figures and self humor, expose open wounds from my musical past.

Every evening at 20:00, the artist will present an audio-visual show relating to the installation.