Library of Ourselve

Historical Building, 9 Ha’ayin Chet St.

Embodied narratives with The Machine to Be Another, group members:  Daniel González Franco & Marte Roel Lesur

The “Library of Ourselves” is a project developed by BeAnotherLab, using the system The Machine to Be Another to create pre-recorded VR FILMS and allowing users to step into the shoes of others. These VR films – embodied narratives – will compose an archive of stories from different individuals that will be accessible to users at physical stations in different cultural, social, and educational institutions around the world. Acting as an open book of embodied narratives, the archive of the Library of Ourselves is composed by stories recorded in the first person by various communities. In the context of the festival and in collaboration, BeAnotherLab will co-create an Experience to add and showcase, addressing issues related to the local community and cultural and socio political context.