Nimrod Alexander Gershoni


Audio visual performance, 26:26 min, 2020, Israel


- 20:00

The immersive audiovisual performance centers around a control station that Gershoni has built with studio equipment used to synthesize live video and audio signals transmitted to an audience. Gershoni mixes together YouTube videos, covers of Mizrahi songs, original video and audio clips, karaoke and more to create a mix edited by scenes and follows an exact partiture. Shifting between realism and abstraction and between the improvised and the edited, the performance becomes an “initiation ritual” for the participating audience. The work’s title Leehoro is a portmanteau of the Hebrew words “Lee” and “Horu,” meaning, “I was instructed,” introducing the question: Who is in control? Gershoni as the devices’ operator or does the equipment in fact control Gershoni?

Produced by Musrara school and Organuz studio