Tunni Kraus


Video performance, 24:10 min. 2020, Australia


- 20:15

Sitting on the intersection between two biblical languages sits a lonely Jerusalem. Written as a compilation of elegies in the form of a Hebrew alphabetic acrostic, Jerusalem is introduced in her state of lockdown, a deep, digital media induced depression. Borrowing from the tradition, rhythm and form of religious dirges, her diary is scribed with a feather and ink on parchment. From an empty synagogue within her walls, her cries for a reimagined redemption are recited by Adiel Cohney.

Recital – Adiel Cohney
Translation – Daniella Slonim
Edit – Hallel Kula
Special Thanks – Kalman Gavriel, Husky Gawenda, Yivniyah Kaploun and Aster Radai

Produced by Musrara school and Organuz studio