Jerusalem based drone-rock trio

Music performance, 53:12 min. 2020, Israel


- 20:35

The ensemble’s activity is rooted in two basic assumptions: the Schopenhauerian assumption that all life is suffering and the assumption that in order to free the world, one must pass through the chasms of suffering. Thus, the band members embark on a journey of self-sacrifice. They take their mind and body to the brink, playing the same sound and rhythm until they start to bleed, on the path to salvation.

The trio draws a line between ancient religious meditative drone music to energetic 20th century Krautrock. The outcome is a shamanistic rock and roll ritual that leads the listeners to sonoric ecstasy.

Ensemble Members:
Electric Guitar- Shaul Kohn
Drums- Daniel Treystman
Improvised Bagpipes- Niv Gafni
Cinematographer- Eyal Bitton
Recording Technician- Ron Sheskin

Photo: Itamar Ginzburg