Iannis Zannos, Natalie Mandila, Tasos Pappas-Petridis, Vaso Florou

IDE Fantasy

Karnaf Hall, Canada House, 22 shivtei Israel St.


- 21:30

Telematic dance for 3 performers with IMU sensors, SuperCollider and Godot Gaming Engine. IDE Fantasy is short for “Izutsu, or: Daphnis and Echo, a meta-syncretic fantasy”.  The fantasy combines three seemingly disparate love stories in a meditation on the theme of Everlasting Love. The stories are: The Noh Play “Izutsu” (Zeami, ca. 1400 AD), the novel “Daphnis and Chloe” (Longus, ca. 100 AD), and the story of “Echo and Narcissus” (Ovid).  At the well cradle (Izutsu) of a village, an itinerant priest dreams of the ghost of a woman that appears dressed in the clothing of her lost husband, to see herself reflected as her husband on the water at the bottom of the cradle.