Gurgulitza Trio

Gurgulitza Salon

5 Daniel St.


- 21:30


- 20:30 , 22:00


- 20:30 , 22:00

Gurgulitza (“Songbird” in Bulgarian) is a Berlin-based German-Israeli vocal trio, born on a musical journey throughout Bulgaria. Madlen Stange, Netta shahar, and Nitsan Bernstein sing folk songs from the Balkans, Israel, and Germany and share the stories behind the songs with the audience.
Gurgulitza Trio invites you to embark on a musical journey through the Balkans, indulge in the vocal harmonies, and marvel at the power embodied in ancient folk songs. The trio created a compelling show that transports the audience into forgotten worlds and invites them to take part in the musical process.

Costume and set design – Angela Ribera

Dramaturgy consultancy – Celia Stroom

With the Support of the Goethe Institut Israel