Dan Allon

Ghost & Golem II: Mr./Mrs. K

The performance combines three elements of displacement.

1. Time and place shifted through an association between the history of the Jewish community (the 1960’s) and the history of the LGBT community in those years in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2. Gender transition from man to woman, with all of its political connotations, in the Jewish and LGBT communities.
3. The fabricated family story, in which I take a family story of my mother’s two lost uncles who fled from Nazi Germany to Brazil, and their communication with the surviving family that immigrated to Israel. The two uncles merged into one character: the painter of the Jewish community in Sao Paulo, who communicates with his sibling in Israel while concealing the fact that he is a transgender.
In the performance, I will draw a live archive of images, originated from a mix of family albums and photos from the Jewish archive of Brazil. It becomes a type of letter correspondence between the character and his family in Israel. In the process of painting, I will make the transition from Mr. K to Mrs. K