Bar Alteras

Flood and Tide

Karnaf Hall, Canada House, 22 shivtei Israel St.


- 21:00

A piece for loudspeakers, microphones, and vibration, on the potential encounter between two fields that exist in one body, without hierarchy: sound is movement and movement is sound. Overcoming the historical and cultural dichotomy between the two leads to the blurring of boundaries that can outline the grammar of a language, where music becomes a physical means of expression. The work explores the complete merger of choreography, sound, and the physical sensations of the viewer and weaves them into one move.

The piece was performed at “Getting Lost” sound event, curated by Dafna Karon at the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, as part of Musrara Experimental Music and Sound Art Program.

Dramaturgy: Eyal Brumberg

Thank you to Dan Weinstein

Photo: David Zisser