Faye Shapiro and the Einsof

Elefneshikot | Sharash

50:18 min. 2020, Israel


- 21:00

Faye Shapiro creates ritualistic performances, spaces for vocal and community healing, in which the public is invited to connect to a deep listening that facilitates emotional and perceptual cleansing and amplifying processes. Her songs combine different worlds: They are as catchy as pop music, repetitive and mantra-like. Simple, meandering, surprising. The work centers on the use of the full vocal spectrum – a range that stretches between the beautiful and the polished to the rough and the raw. Exposed and human.

A performance by Faye Shapiro
Drums – Ronnie Wagner
Flute, Kalimba, Nose Flute – Avner Miryam Amit
Voices, Shaker – LeeLa Gal, Lia Amit
Music, Arrangements and Lyrics- Faye Shapiro
Lyrics for the song “Lama Hita’havti” – Avi Bitter
Set Design, Styling, Altar- Joanna Jones
lighting – Omer Sheizaf
Photo: Alex Apt

Produced by Musrara school and Organuz studio