Lionel Marchetti

Electroacoustic Improvisation – The event is postponed



- 20:00

The knowledge that he accumulated as a concrete composer, who has a profound understanding of the poetic meaning of playing with sounds and presenting them to the ears and body through speakers, Lionel Marchetti also implements in electroacoustic improv concerts. On stage, he occupies an impossible figure, a mashup of a Victorian photographer, a Byzantine wizard, a virtuoso of electronics, and a radical poet. As though Dr. Frankenstein decided to breathe life in thousands of incorporeal and unbridled cocoons, collected from different chronological corners of the technological age.
With a series of analogue devices and apparatuses, including various microphones, radios, tape recorders, manipulated speakers and analogue synthesizers, Marchetti draws the ear to a world of absurd, farfetched, elaborate visions, which inconceivably take shape spontaneously while being experienced as an old memory.