Shoham (Sakana) Manela

Dependent Origination (Pratītyasamutpadā)



- 22:30

The Dependent Origination doctrine stands at the heart of Buddhism and is shared by all of its schools. This revolutionary teaching of the Buddha dissolves the cornerstones of “reality” as we perceive and produce it. This teaching is aimed at seeing the direct emptiness of time and of any and all phenomena: phenomenon cannot be created by itself – from something other than itself – from both or independently of both.
Over a purely electronic composition, created by Ofer Tisser and Shoham Sakana Manela, Sakana will play the recorders and tenor saxophone and create music formed in real time. The exploration happens in a zone where the music being formed is not created from the recorded music. It is not created by and of itself. It is not created from both of them and it is not created independently.