Butterfly Boy

Psychedelic Hip-Hop, 50:03 min. 2020, Israel


- 19:10

Shekel is a musician, singer, and musical producers, one of the main figures in the booming hip hop scene in Israel over the last decade. His house project is Ravid Plotnik – Nechi Nech, but he has also worked with the likes of Tuna, Peled, Arutz Hakibud, Sima Nun, Dudu Farouk, and others. In the last year he released the solo album “Butterfly Boy” to popular and critical acclaim. In his solo show, Shekel will perform new adaptations for songs from his albums.

Vocal – Shekel / Eyal Davidi
Keyboard – Yehonatan Bitton
Video Art – Gil Aharonov
Manager – Nir Drezner
lighting – Omer Sheizaf

Photo: Tal Tchetchick

Produced by Musrara school and Organuz studio