The body alone

The Social Gallery

The exhibition “The Body Alone” observes the body as it emerged during the so-called “ongoing COVID-19 crisis.” As per an emergency call issued by the government and health authorities, in the name of public order and preservation of public health, the human body was requested to self-isolate, shut itself in, shelter at home, resulting in uncanny anxieties. The exhibition spans sculptural and cinematic works alongside archival materials from the history of photography which correspond with texts by philosophers and psychoanalysts written during Corona virus times, in an attempt to lend meaning to the body in this period.

Curator: Ori Drumer

Artists: Chen Cohen, Aya Zaiger, Ernesto Levy, Liat Livni, Mia Gourvitch, Hadas Ophrat, Tova Lotan

Image: Hadas Ophrat