Thomas Hauser, Michal BarOr, Tziky Eisenberg

Blind Spot – The Social Gallery

Musrara Campus, 22 Shivtei Israel St.

The group exhibition focuses on photography as a practice that introduces questions about the photographed subjects: their origin, who has the right to them, and the cultural and political significance they hold as a result of their affiliation, while simultaneously looking at the practice itself and its material expression. Thomas Hauser engages in a conceptual and material deconstruction of archival materials and turns the act of photography into a geology of memory. Michal BarOr’s works are based on the examination of the photographs and artifacts archive of the IAA’s Antiquities Theft Prevention Unit. This unique installation poses questions about status, race, and occupation in Israel/Palestine alongside questions about origin and imitation, ownership and history. In Tziky Eisenberg’s works, theft and the use of radioactive materials serve as the starting point for positioning oneself in the world and trying to create order in the chaos.

 Curator: Vera Korman

Participants: Thomas Hauser (France), Michal BarOr, Tziky Eisenberg

The participation of Thomas Hauser is thank to the support of the Institut français de Jérusalem – antenne Romain Gary