Machol Shalem


Studio, Canada House, 22 shivtei Israel St.


- 19:30

Entrance is free with a ticket to the main Machol Shalem performance

Choreography and Performance: Maya Michlal Gelfand
Sound Design: Maya Michlal Gelfand
Costume Design: Veronika Szor
Aurora is a solo performance: a window into an intimate search of limitations and release. An old entity that delves into a new identity, a body loaded with weight and tension that breaks down and collects itself throughout the piece.
The performance consists of a body, a chair, and sound, on an empty stage.
“So it was my name, it was my tribe of origin, it was my appearance, it was my food,
These were my experiences of joy and pain, it was my life expectancy, and when I died in that place, I appeared elsewhere, where it was my name. After my death in that place I was born here again.”