artists’ panel

Musrara Campus, 22 Shivtei Israel St.


- 17:00

A panel of artists participating in the festival, moderated by Vera Korman (lecturer in Musrara and curator of the Festival’s central exhibition).

Displacement, shift, and re-positioning are actions that give shape to the connections between ideas and serve as the foundations for the creative act. One could say that the act of displacement, which gives the unintentional sequences meaning, is an act that establishes identity and allows us to discover new knowledge about the world and create the platform for critical observation. The panel will focus on how the participating artists and curators perceive and address the different aspects of the term “displacement.”

Participants: Michal BarOr, Roni Hagag, Vanina Saracino (Italy), Enrique Ramirez (Chile), Anne Duk Hee Jordan (Germany), Sharon Horodi