Lionel Marchetti

Anti Eden 1 & Anti Eden 2 – The event is postponed



- 22:45

Lionel Marchetti is one of the prominent artists in the “third generation” of musique concrète – a term that he takes very seriously and with a lot of deference.Listening to his works, which are imbued with poetry and are furrowed by delicate narrative paths , one can retrace and re-experience the original spirit of the pioneers of musique concrète. It is this revolutionary spirit that opened our ears to the sonoric world, wishing to extract from it a range of copious and rich sonic raw materials – materials that take on new forms and in the process of musical and formal abstraction, are poured into acousmatic cinematic works – cinema for your ears, if you will.

Marchetti learned and assimilated this process superbly; he is a master of the plastic treatment of sound. However, his true rare talent is in setting traps, crafty pitfalls, to which the listener absentmindedly falls time after time, so that they find themselves in all sorts of disturbing environments, surrounded by dubious climate zones, without understanding how in the world they got there. And so, throughout the piece, he keeps us in a state of constant tension. Anti Eden was written in 2020, and will be performed in a special live acousmatic rendition for the festival, in which the artist will create the piece’s spatial aspect in real time, with a set of eight speakers scattered throughout the audience’s sitting area.