FAÇADE – a visual sonar tryptych in three acts


- 19:30-23:00


- 19:30-23:00


- 19:30-23:00

Speakers suspended from the ceiling and directed at sculptures made of a various materials play abstract sounds, which are blocked by strange images – between solid a fluid, wishing to burst into the common space and orchestrate what is opposite them. In Façade, Itzik Gil Avizohar wishes to examine the encounter between an artificial sound that has been emitted from his body with a new body made of organic matter: What is absorbed, what passes through and what is rejected immediately? And how does this whole situation resonate in the common space?

טריפטיכון סונורי ויזואלי בשלוש תנועות:

I  – אמא רוח/מכונה טהורה.

“It’s just a great thing to hear when you are having a bad day, it got played a lot in my mind when I was a teenager”
תני ללגום חלב שחור ניגר
ממערות פלדה
את אחת ויחידה.

II – הבן/האורח/החרב השלופה.

The Vagrant (a fatherless son). Eternally perceived as a fluctuating agent, treading an oblique path, ever present & consistently nonlinear. Margin walker.
רקב פושה בין חלצי, העלובים בטפילים מרפשים את קרביי ובין צלעותיי שורצות תולעים. מלכותי בוערת. הביאו לי את כלי המלחמה!

III – היסוד.

“The master wants you! Face the master! Your faith against his faith… Could you do that?”
שורשיו נטועים בנבכי בריתות טמאות, במגע עור מתפורר.
דמו כספיתי, מושחר, לא-שייך, אחר.
Praise be to the father-war
As a servant I am serving myself and I bathe in anticipation
Unless you taste it you could never know
All the power our Lord bestow
With a bow and a kiss profane
Be a victor or be a victim.

The language’s and collaberation’s depths will be shared through a special perforformance which will summarize its chapters to their common space.