The Hidden Wisdom of the Bee-Being

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Hilmar Kühnemann
An exhibition and lecture on bio-dynamic beehives and honey gathering with Hilmar Kuhnemann, a beekeeper with long-time experience in the field. Until 2013, Kuhnemann worked in conventional beekeeping in the Galilee, where he encountered a phenomenon affecting bees worldwide, "Colony Collapse Disorder", prompting his deep concern on the issue. He began to study the phenomenon and learned that there are ways to enjoy the many gifts that bees have to offer without causing them harm. Bio-dynamic beekeeping is a bee-friendly method based on mutual support: humans take care of bees with love and care for their safety, and the bees support humans in turn.
At the festival, Kuhnemann will present a series of bio-dynamic hives that he built alongside sculptures he created from beeswax. On Tuesday, May 24 at 8:00pm, Kuhnemann will give a talk on what he has learned from bees, on the relationship between bees and the flora kingdom, and on the different ways to fight the phenomenon of the disappearance of bees. Afterwards, from 21: 00, the audience will be invited to join him in gathering honey.
(Space is limited.)
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