Sonoric Research Garden

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Sonoric Research Group supervised by Eran Sachs

The Sonoric Research Garden, developed especially for the festival, is a sound installation that allows for deep listening and attention to organic sound phenomena that occur in space in a peripheral manner.
The installation is based on the insights of the Sonoric Research Group of the Musrara Art School. The Research Garden maps the findings collected in two different studies conducted by the group, while transferring these findings to the world of gardening and plant life. Ideas examined in the installation include: the independent flowering and blossoming of sounds, electronic instruments positioned around the space in a way that resembles irrigation systems, the sowing of "sound seeds" and tending them until they become more developed sound, the interweaving of sound in space, etc.
The Sonoric Research Group is a new study framework that was launched this past school year, initiated and supervised by Eran Sachs. The Research Group works as an independent framework within the school, outside of the regular curriculum.

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