Endosymbiosis 1:7

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Students from the New Media Department

A group of seven video mapping projects by second- and third-year students at the Department of Photography and New Media. Video mapping technology makes it possible to adapt projected visual content to different surfaces. At this festival event, named after the biological phenomenon of endosymbiosis (a symbiotic relationship in which one living organism lives within the body of another organism) video, animation and sound works will be shown, adapted for projection on the façade of a historical building on HaAyin Chet Street. The works were created especially for the festival, as part of a video mapping course.

List of Works:
Yosef Mashiah: Liquid Light Show
Audiovisual journey of colors, textures and harmonies moving along paths of digital color (RGB) and synthesizer sounds.
Tal Michaelis: Botanical
Plant illustrations from old botanical books come to life on the front of the building.
Eyal Bitton: Adobe CS6
Exploration of the body through a closed-circuit digital microscope.
Guy Ben-Baruch: The Nightmare
Insects take over the building wall through the projection of three-dimensional models in motion.
Zuli Yakai: skin&stone
The building becomes animated through organic life on an inanimate body.
Garo Kabushio: Armenian Garden
Deconstruction and reconstruction of classical Armenian ornamentation from Jerusalem buildings.

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