Voice Box

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Students from the Department of New Media supervised by Ayala Landau and Lior Pinsky
The project Voice Mailbox (literally, "Vocal Cell/Box" in Hebrew) including three-dimensional sound works, the product of two courses at Musrara Art School's Department of New Media: "Material Workshop" and "Introduction to Sound". The works address the concept of the "cell" in its various aspects, from practical to theoretical. The sound sculptures created by the students examine the overlap between sound art and material sculpture from a personal perspective.
Participating students: Gal Ben-Arosh, Osher Ben Yehuda, Hadar Golan, Ann Deych, Adam kurgan, Asif Kaufmann, Maayan Mossek, Noam Ahdut and Yuli Zakai, Nitzan James and Tal Michaelis.

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