I Call You

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Victoria Hanah & Mariana Sadovska & Rea Mochiach
Ukraine / Jerusalem / New York

A meeting between two vocal artists and one music producer.
When Victoria Hanna and Mariana Sadovska first met in New York ten years ago, they immediately began to sing together and the electricity in the air attested to the uniqueness of this one-time encounter between two soul sisters.
Two rare and ancient voices. Two ancient languages and two rich traditions where voice and language are tools of creation.
Mariana invited Victoria on a journey through the Ukraine and Eastern Europe where they sang with women from the villages.
Singing is a ceremony. The ceremony stirs nature. And nature responds to the voice.
The reunion between these two voices together with the producer Rea Mochiach opens a connection between the ancient and the progressive, between East and West.

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Mariana Sadovska

Victoria Hanna

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