Forced Unification

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Jihyun Youn
Tuesday -21:30
Thursday - 22:00

This project creates an atmosphere of ambiguous landscapes and situations through the arrangement of the human body in space. The body is a complex container of personal and social history, even after life. When the body becomes passive or dies, the life within simply vanishes, and immediately all its memories are transfered to the observer/survivor. In this installation-performance the passive and powerless bodies are placed in uncertain positions. The observer is invited to ask ‘What can they tell us?’, and to look from the perspective of the passive body. This performance plays with the notion of the body, between objectivity and subjectivity, depending on the situation presented in different scenes and its relation with spectator. The performance is divided into three blocks. In the final block, the performers are wrapped in a white sheet to be buried. Forced unification is thus achieved at the end by death.

Michal Krieger / Anna Matilda Valli / Noam Shamir / Roni Kagan / Galiya
Lulko / Sharon Casper / Irina Wainstein / Tom Barkai / Yair Barbash /
Tamara Binyamini / Uri Duvdevani / Yakir Renbaum (shofar)

The project was developed during the Musrara Residency Program
Photo by Maggi Kelly at  Arteles, Tampere 2014

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