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Francesca Fini
Gold is a conceptual project that will lead to the production of an experimental movie in Musrara. Every day of the artist's residence, beginning with the very first day of her arrival, she will develop, act and record on camera a performance that will last precisely three minutes. These micro-symbolic actions will be carefully prepared the day before, will be strictly site-specific and, therefore, influenced by the place, inspired by its landscape and its culture. It will feature outdoor or indoor situations, involve cooperation from local people, their homes, their everyday objects and their stories. The preparation for these micro-performances will require very intense work the day preceding filming, because they must all be original pieces, meaningful for each site, and must not replicate any dynamic. At the end of the artist's residence, a series of video performances of three minutes each will become a movie in which each of the micro-performance art pieces will be cut together in perfect chronological order.
What the artist hope to achieve is the idea of growth, not the “growth” according to the crescendo of classic cinematic narrative, but an emotional growth reflecting the increased knowledge of a place, its history, its soul.
The artist believes that the challenge lies in the daily “hunt” for ideas for each performance to be executed and recorded the next day. It is a chase of life, in the style of the great neorealist screenwriter Cesare Zavattini, who used to listen to people on the bus and seek after little stories in the street, for the most wonderful ideas always come from the deep magic of the human comedy of everyday life.

The project was developed during the Musrara Residency Program
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