Gordon and I

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Boaz Arad
"I found Gordon on my street in central Tel Aviv when he was about one week old. I built him a chicken coop in the yard and he became my pet. Whenever I whistled, he would come and sit on me and wait to be petted. I shot this film several times. Each time, I had to keep pushing his head down really hard. Later I found out that, for birds, the one who stands highest up is the leader. It turns out that he considered me to be his flock and that's why he always insisted upon being in the higher position."
"This rooster, that seemed to me to be an industrial creature—lacking intelligence, emotion and consciousness—was aware of the fact that I was beneath him and he cared about me. He knew my body language and could tell if he had hurt me by looking at my face. His slight movement has opened up a whole new world for me."
The work Gordon and I expresses the beautiful and complex relationship that developed between the artist and Gordon. "This work talks about the impossible rules that exist in a state of coexistence, about the connection between two entities who are forced to get used to each other and adjust to a certain artificial situation," says Arad. The silence of the work and the sense of expectation it creates, stirs thoughts on their relationship, on the joint effort of both to maintain stability and reciprocity, and on the relationship between man and animal.
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