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Itay Marom
This video work observes packs of stray dogs in the Kiryat Arba and Hebron area​​. The dogs, who belong to no one, enjoy the autonomy to roam freely. Since there were never trained and domesticated in a human environment, they betray the role that they are apparently supposed to fulfill as guards of human territory. In this sense, they actually become trespassers.
Yet, in their free wanderings, they become vulnerable to life-threatening harassment from both settlers and Palestinians. Fear of stray dogs reveals an aspect of the human inability to cope with the unexpected and things beyond our control.
As in a nature film, Marom's camera focuses on the dogs themselves, their behavior, their movements and the dynamics within the pack. The dogs travel along fixed paths in a single territory, which include populated peripheral areas. But within the territory they delineate for themselves, they are not aware of the tense political situation and violence-ridden reality that characterizes the region.
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