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Reiner Maria Matysik
They make viruses. It is called synthetic biology. They create viruses and bacteria from chemical substances. // What happens if a virus infects us and we are transformed - without noticing? // They build these viruses systematically. // Modular chemical compositions. // They could infect us. // They could control us from within, // or get out of control. Would we no longer be human, but hosts, // controlled by a multitude of microorganisms? // Reorganized? // Stuffed? // Extended? // We would be slimebags, in which viruses would develop and multiply. // This is repulsive, disgusting. // This idea is so loud. //

To be something that we never could be. // Expanding// to be with you without language, without clothing, without property, without money, without culture. // What? // I would try to take our biological basis seriously. // Do humans have a biological basis? // Take our biological needs seriously. // Take us seriously. // We cannot transform ourselves. // We could educate our children. // Expand our children. // Children with more culture. // Or no culture.// We start // with ourselves. // We are an experiment. // Our children are the next stage. // These children. // We experiment with ourselves. // We pass the experiment further on // On and on… // from generation to generation. // We could give birth to a new human kind // reset everything // to take everything one step further. //

The effect of a booster explosion, they start - still hesitating at first - to destroy cultural creation, gradually getting more wild, having fun, watching themselves, with growing appetite for destruction. The inventory is destroyed, completely disassembled. They are exhausted.

They strip off their clothes, wild and confused. They dig small pits, crawling down, head first. They construct something that might be a nest, made of rubble, torn clothing, a big pile with a well in the middle, (they arrange clothes, plants, other soft objects) and they lay down to sleep, bodies close, embracing each other.
Thus, leaving culture behind, they do not return to their former nature, their origin. They only move forward, towards a self-made nature, created out of freedom!
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