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Gefilte Scheisse
Bacteriophage (Greek: bacteria eater) is the ancestor of all animals, a virus that attacks bacteria by injecting its DNA into them. The genetic information multiplies within the body of the bacteria until the new viruses fill the bacterial shell and burst out. The primordial survival instinct of bacteriophage works in way that is similar to the mechanism of the distribution of ideas and information, which pass from individual to individual by ongoing replication and transfer. This invasive mechanism is at the same time aggressive and vital: once the information is passed on, the original organism dies, leaving little parasites - its clones – to carry on the work.

Work Bacteriophage investigates the process of domination through hacking the immediate surroundings, through a cycle of invasion and penetration. The installation involves a web-based feedback system: a circle of used computers connected in a network, placed in a ceremonial-intimate situation. Each audio signal that penetrates a computer is transferred immediately to the neighboring computer, and so the signal passes through the circle until it takes over the sound content. The computers play the information received through the electro-acoustic elements which diffuse the sound space. Viewers are invited to "inject" sound into one of the computers and predict how the sound will gradually be diffused across the entire network.
The Gefilte Scheiẞe group includes Yaniv Schonfeld, Eyal Bitton, Marco Milevski, and Tomer Damsky, a collective of adventurous artists working from their shared apartment on Cat Square in Jerusalem, taking refuge in a pile of electronic garbage and useless junk that found its way out of the trash, going from bad to worse.

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