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Lior Kariel
"... and so it is in accordance with the rule of dubio pro reo; the basic right of every person to be protected from incrimination so long as there is a reasonable doubt that the person is innocent." (Professor Shneur-Zalman Feller)
I-we-they are afraid to be found at the scene, in an environment that has been changed by controversy, simultaneously voyeuristic and blinding. The scene of the crime is the scene of violence, the scene of an action - Arena gather evidence and get them running towards deciphering.
The evidence is visible and confidentiality.
Protocol Performance: Achieving samples Hochman. Identity information, biological and physical evidence, fingerprints and hand, a composite sketch or photograph, samples of saliva, sweat, corneas, provisions.
Decryption process is hidden from public view, which is certainly the return of the accused and supplier partners in the process.
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