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Lea Laukstein
Pregnancy embodies the magic of creating new life, but at the same time is filled with anxiety and fear: fear of childbirth, concern for the fetus and the mother, anticipation and apprehension before a new life in the family unit, with the tremendous energy that a baby sucks from parents and surroundings.

"I have experienced pregnancy three times in my life, and despite the good mood estrogen brings, it always angered me that the pregnant belly was in the center. It becomes a kind of public property, the subject of constant discussion and reference: touching it and taking an interest in the stage of the pregnancy, and the gender of the fetus. The belly become the main thing, and no more room is left for me or my personality. Afterall, the belly is just one part of my body. In our society, the child is the one that dominates and determines everything from its birth. But why should the fetus already take my place still in the womb? Just as my baby is not me, so my belly does not testify for me. Just because it sticks out does not mean it should dominate over everything."

The work Fetus presents a picture of the world as seen by a hidden camera within the womb: the constant kicking, the movement of fluids, the mother's heartbeat, the lights and shadows that penetrate through the abdomen and the noises heard nearby, from outside the womb.

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