somniferous observatory

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Theresa Schubert
Somniferous Observatory is a series of photographs based on experiments to grow a species of slime mold (Physarum polycephalum) and observe the self-organization and pattern formation of the organism under the influence of psychoactive and somniferous substances. The pictures document the morphology of the mold inside three-dimensional environments. The work deals with questions of life, consciousness and control through the use of a simple organism in DIY laboratory setups.

These experiments are a creative re-enactment of the scientific experiment performed by zoologist Hans Peters and pharmacologist Peter Witt in 1948. To test the influence of drugs on the nervous system, they fed drugs to spiders and then compared the spiders‘ webs.

For this year's festival, Schubert will show 3 selected prints from the larger photography series complemented by a documentary video of the project.
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