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Adaya Godlevsky & Uri Levinson
we found the open end, at an instant continual moment we found ourselves  flowing, roaring,  standing still, transferring and exchanging bits of existences, that the continue motion eliminates their   singularity. we have chosen  an existence that is stable only when in motion, launching for a moment   a tangent to a language and syntax  , we are creating border less sentences . the tension  between the wish for security and the need for continual change is the tension  powering our motion. whether we are  transferring  similar materials in changing surroundings  or changing materials at the same surrounding.


Operating instructions: the crowd is invited to join the continual motion , with other people in the room or with one of the artists  . the crowd can either transfer material between themselves  or scooping  water,   separating  material  from image .
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