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Michal Rovner
In many of Michal Rovner's video works, miniature human figures appear, devoid of identifying characteristics and organized in groups or rows. They move in groups and individually, sometimes organized and sometimes scattered, in continuous and cyclical motion, replicating itself again and again to create a critical mass that motivates the entire space. The artist's works touch upon issues of transcience and continuity, depletion and survival, building and deconstructing.
The figures in Helix-B form patterns, converge and separate. They sometimes resemble human branches and sometimes resemble genetic chains or chromosomes as if viewed through a microscope, like an unsolved genetic code.

Helix B, 2012
LCD screen, paper and video
103.6 cm x 59.1 cm x 6.5 cm
Courtesy of the artist Michal Rovner
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