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Theresa Schubert
The skin is the largest perceptual organ of the body, which marks the boundary between the inner and the outer worlds. It is more than a mere surface, but is also an interface that communicates and that has internal memory, affected by environmental influences over time. In Bodymetries, visitors can interact with a computer simulation that scans the special characteristics of their skin which then becomes the environment for a growing network of an acellular slime mold called Physarum polycephalum. It is a generative projection environment and interactive application for creating alternative body-morphologies based on the behavior of this amorphous organism.

For the Musara Mix Festival, Bodymetries is shown for the first time as a stand-alone video installation and as a specifically made map of networks.

Bodymetries is a collaboration between Michael Markert and Moritz Dreßler and was co-financed by LinzImpuls Kulturförderung, the Bauhaus-University Weimar Kreativfonds and the European Commission (FP7-FET).
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